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'Baby, get out of the road!' Chipper shouted. 'Don’t you know those cars will kill you?' Baby scurried towards Chipper, unaware of what cars were or what it meant to be killed. He asked, 'What’s that mean?'

DMX seems more angry then ever. Attacking Jay Z, new rappers just ’suck’ and ’suck d*&k’ and a lot more...

Great facts.
Title says it all.
Swings creak and they wake me. It’s 2am and I wonder who would be on the swings at this hour. I pad towards my window to peek across the street to the playground and spot a figure on them. Cloaked in a hoodie and pajama bottoms, I can’t exactly tell whether it’s a man or a woman, but again I wonder why they are on the swings at this hour.

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Ethan threatens to kill other survivors unless Claire is returned to him.
A shocking connection between Sawyer and Jack is revealed in a flashback.
Sun stuns her fellow survivors with a surprising revelation.
Locke thinks he's being sent a sign on how to get the hatch open.
Hurley flashes back to the experience he had before boarding the plane.
Sayid engages Locke to uncover the truth about Boone's death.
A secret from Kate's past is revealed to the other survivors on the island.
We flashback to the survivors final moments before they boarded the plane.
The remaining islanders attempt to blow open the hatch.
Claire unexpectedly goes into labor while deep in the forest.
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