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Watch 'Mind Boggling Indian Pole Gymnastics Routines ' Play
This is simply insane!!
Pretty Incredible illusion.
Once again showing how liberals treat any media that doesn't push the crap they spew.

Description: the infamous lifehouse skit is taken by Dancer Criscilla Crossland to the Choreographers Carnival, a major dance production in a Los Angeles nightclub. Witnessed by a complete secular audience....A huge industry night of dancers, celebrities, and people in the entertainment industry... \"

Now this would freak pretty much ANY one out.
Now this is one crazy news story! This 4 year old drinks a beer, goes into his neighbors house, steals presents. Goes outside and roams the streets wearing a dress and holding a beer, rings a doorbell, then gets caught

Classy, funny, poised, compassionate, well spoken, and heartfelt. This is a President who has the respect of the people. Great interview by Jay Leno.

Fat guy REALLY needs to start a workout regiment if he can't even handle that skinny ass stripper.

So cute, but so uncomfortable looking.
Watch 'Hysterically Funny new Samsung 'Extreme Retreat' Commercial' Play
Hilarious Samsung commercial called 'Extreme Retreat'
Watch 'Nissan Juke Battles Weathers Elements' Play
This would be a road test to end all road tests, saving the world from the devastation wrought by an out of control weather machine. If a car can save the world from the impending apocalypse then that certainly beats being able to take a corner at 60mph. It’s like the mutant motorized bastard offspring of Snake Plissken and Frodo Baggins. Bet it could kick Optimus Prime’s ass as well.
Some times even the help, needs help.
Clearly this guy is either drunk or superrrrr bad at dancing and balancing himself standing. If its the latter, and you are this guy, just say you we
Why didn't she stay and help the man? Kinda rude after you already let him fall isn't it?
Looks like they don't appreciate that crap either.
Now that is simply amazing.
Well, I guess they assumed he knew the car weights more then he does.
It seems like this is become the internet norm, girls bikini wrestling.
Is it possible? I can't believe my eyes! This guy runs on his bike at 210.4 km/h!!!......
Thief!!! Catch the fat guy with a white beard dressed in a red velor giddy up.
Now that driver would have some seriously bad luck if that happen.
Every one likes to wrestle every here and there.
Well, we are all entitled our opinions. Had this question been directed to Michelle Obama, this lady would get her own commercial being called a raci
Then it pops in his mouth/throat/stomach, probably didn't feel all to good.
Well, she is probably use to being exposed to every one who's willing to pay, this time she gave a free show. Maybe it will increase her income from
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