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My name is Folusho Orokunle and I know I’m not the only one that feels like they were robbed and pistol whipped by all those so called marketing and
Sleep better with a white noise sound machine. We carry a full line of the most popular models for home, office or travel use.
Some times even the help, needs help.
Clearly this guy is either drunk or superrrrr bad at dancing and balancing himself standing. If its the latter, and you are this guy, just say you we
Now that is simply amazing.
Well, I guess they assumed he knew the car weights more then he does.
Why didn't she stay and help the man? Kinda rude after you already let him fall isn't it?
Looks like they don't appreciate that crap either.
It seems like this is become the internet norm, girls bikini wrestling.
Is it possible? I can't believe my eyes! This guy runs on his bike at 210.4 km/h!!!......
Thief!!! Catch the fat guy with a white beard dressed in a red velor giddy up.
Now that driver would have some seriously bad luck if that happen.
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Class 355 starts to pull together as a group as graduation day approaches. However not everything is going to plan as a`n instructional boxing match
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