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The Ramrod decides to throw a pop quiz on Class 355, but the surprise is on him when they can't answer one question correctly. The drill instructors
Class 355 participates in a traditional run through cities in Los Angeles County to signify a right of passage and honor a fallen peace officer. For
Class 355 has been waiting 18-weeks for this day, but one recruit learns he will not be graduating. This day is a poignant yet emotional time for the
Recruit Villareal is on the hot seat as the new class sergeant.
Recruit Paez struggles as the first class sergeant, and Deputy Miley gives her an ultimatum.
The LASD Staff has many new surprises planned for the first day of training, known as "Black Monday."
Class 368's first trip to the shooting range is a disaster when Recruit Valladores can't figure out how to shoot his weapon.
The staff confidently appoints Recruit Leos to the role of class sergeant, but the class doesnÂ’t follow her lead.
Recruit Santos is in a bind when she can't lead the group.
watch is not just an instrument for looking at time but has become more of a offers a wide variety of mens watches and ladie
Every one likes to wrestle every here and there.
Well, we are all entitled our opinions. Had this question been directed to Michelle Obama, this lady would get her own commercial being called a raci
Then it pops in his mouth/throat/stomach, probably didn't feel all to good.
Well, she is probably use to being exposed to every one who's willing to pay, this time she gave a free show. Maybe it will increase her income from
That is one humongous wave!

Well, we can clearly see what is on these 2 girls minds.
Those teens are really going at it. Eh, they'll grow out of it.
Wow, great shot on that one. They went one shot one kill on that ass.
He was doing so well, up until that wall jump...
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Fireworks exploded above Beijing’s National Stadium and Tiananmen Square on Saturday evening as thousands of Chinese families enjoyed a full-sc
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